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10 Side Hustle Truths to accept for the Startup Entrepreneur

Fabe Mitchell

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For the Startup Entrepreneur who is trying to build a side hustle that is most profitable, there are elements of this journey that are true no matter who you are, and what business you want to start. Below you will find the 10 truths to accept for the Startup Entrepreneur.

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Starting a side hustle is hard work

Too often now during this time are people searching for the “best side hustle to start”, “side hustles to start for under $50”, and outright “easy side hustle  ideas.”

The thing is that anything that you find on that list will take work on your part to achieve the success that the writer suggests that you can achieve. (I like to beat my chest against such a list because they don’t mention the truths many times about running a business.)

For any Startup Entrepreneur out there spending time researching how they can build a side hustle that is most profitable or reading long sales copy that entices and promises to bring about life-changing strategies, just know that it takes work for you to implement the task. For true change and life-altering growth, it does take the commitment to outwork your fellow entrepreneurs on the startup to get there. 

A Business is a mirror of the owner

This fact can not be more true for any business owner. What this means is that any issue or weakness that you may have as the owner will show itself throughout your business. For example, have trouble staying or being organized, then guess what, your business won’t be organized. This means emails will be missed, texts won’t get read for days, and your business will have many money leaks from the non-organization. 

Have a problem getting focus on the important task in your business- then you may be stuck at a certain stage of your side hustle development. With the initial foundation of a side hustle being important, it can be easy to lose focus on what will help your business best. So as a Startup Entrepreneur I encourage you in the beginning to understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

You don’t have to try and master everything or turn every weakness on its head. What we can do here is take your strengths and really build them up into your superpower. You have those abilities for a reason. Use them wisely.

Begin with the end in mind

In Stephen R Covey’s best-selling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change,” one of the habits he talks about is beginning with the end in mind.

The reason this is so powerful is that if you don’t know where you are going, then how will you get there. More importantly, knowing what you want your life to look like once you reach your destination is a powerful force to keep you committed through all the hard times that a business will bring. 

As your Startup Entrepreneur Productivity Coach, I want you to be strongly rooted in your why. Your side hustle that you are building will test you to your limits. So, remembering what the end goal is will give you that strength to push on.

Give more than you receive

The point of the side hustle that you are creating is to solve problems. (I Hope)

With that being said, this means that you are going to give more than you receive, at least at the beginning of your Startup Entrepreneurship journey. The reason I say that is because running a business can be a very humbling experience. The different duties of you being the owner span across customer relationships, team building, and holding up your end of the deal to anybody you need to inside and outside of your organization. 

What is so great though about all the giving that you will do in your business with building those relationships is that right on queue, all of that positive, mindful and driven work that you did will come back to you 10x. 

Speaking from my own experience, in my lawn business we saw huge increases in revenue by the act of giving more to our customers than what they asked for. When I speak to giving I am not talking about free work or something that costs you tons of money to implement. 

Give yourself to those that you can provide better experiences with by being around your business. Provide everybody you meet with a “wow” factor and leave them wanting more. 

Consistency is key 

This I know is kind of a cliche but it is very true. If you would have told me a few months ago that I would be writing weekly blogs I would have laughed in your face. Yet, here I am now. When I first started my coaching business I was actually going to start doing blogs instead of a podcast

I sat down at my computer like I was ready to go. I took a week and got together 20 blog topics. I actually felt at the time very excited and motivated to start a blog. Well, much to my surprise, as I was sitting there staring at my screen, the blank word document looked back, and I instantly felt a big rush of overwhelm and my whole body just went “nope” this ain’t happening. 

I pushed myself away defeated by the blinking cursor and re-strategized how I wanted to share my message. Thus, Self Educated Entrepreneur Podcast was born. 

In the end, all it really seemed to be was me making an excuse not to take on a new challenge in the written form of expression. Now, I do my podcast and a weekly blog that I love. 

The point of all of this is to keep pushing on. Things will be rough in the start but if you stay consistent, you will see in no time your new superpowers building. By pushing past those hurdles of blog writing I have become a better copywriter. Nowhere near an expert, but I can express myself a lot better and communicate more efficiently my intent. The content I provide inside my newsletter is for sure more proof of that.


If there is anything that you take and accept from these 10 truths, I would love for you to take this one. Networking can be the single biggest factor to aid in the growth of your side hustle as a startup entrepreneur. 

Putting yourself around like-minded entrepreneurs not only brings you to a bigger community, but the opportunity to increase the awareness of your business is such a benefit. Taking action with networking will present things to you that you may have not thought about before. The reason they desire to do blogging again came from a request from another entrepreneur that I had on my podcast.  He asked me if I wanted to do a guest blog post on his website, which I certainly did! (You can check out my guest blog post here) 

I had so much fun writing that blog post that I just knew I needed to add blogging to my website. Then came along the Active Entrepreneur Blog

Further potential from networking will allow you to open your mind up to further diversify the way you will meet your audience. You could network to offer services or a product to someone to get in front of their email list. 

Maybe you start a podcast and have other startup entrepreneurs come on and advertise their business. Ideas are endless for the ways you can use networking to share your world.

Stay off social media

I want to make this one short, sweet and to the point. 

Whether you are reading this in 2021 or 5 years from now, I know the same will be true. Limit your time on social media unless you are engaging with your tribe. Too much screen time with social media will distract you from your goals in your business. Startup Entrepreneur, you have been warned about this.

Build an email list

I know there is a current situation going on between the social media giants and our current Government. It may be years until whatever dust settles between the groups. The thing is, the more you get your audience to sign up into your world the better. 

You can craft better relationships, share your top-of-the-line products, and build a better business in general if you have a tribe coming to your website and signing up to your email list regularly. Unless you enjoy scheduling 20 posts a day on social media, the ability to send an email and have sales on demand sounds like quite the business practice. Added bonus, emails don’t have to take you hours to craft. Implement good habits and stay consistent building and writing emails, you’ll see your time in it go down, while your revenue goes up

If you are looking to build an email list, here is a free guide to list building.

Never stop learning

Building a business most profitable doesn’t happen overnight or from you putting out a post telling the world that “Your In Business.” 

From the knowledge that you do know, be ready to “Go to School” in a sense. 

Think of this as the college of life that just has higher levels of education that increase your revenue exponentially. Don’t just learn more about the information or products that you want to sell to solve problems. Learn more about the people you are solving the problem for. How do they talk, what are their biggest pain points, and what is it that they all ultimately want to get out of their life or business? 

Become a master in the study of whatever it is that your business does. Again, never stop this process to be the best startup entrepreneur that you can be. Your tribe will thank you for your continued search for knowledge with open wallets

Rest your mind

I can’t stress this enough for anybody. Trust me, I know that day in and day out, your brain fills with consistent ideas and thought patterns to implement the exciting changes in your side hustle. The thing is, if you allow this to continue for an extended period of time you will burn yourself out or be in a state of overwhelm all the time. If these two things happen it will keep you from a clear mind. 

With a clear mind, you do your best creative thinking.  Among all the other projects that it takes to grow your side hustle, it is equally as important to make time to rest your mind. This can be done by meditating, spending time with family, or doing a hobby that you enjoy. 

I go into detail about how you can find balance in your life/business in the Time-On-The-Go Course. You will learn daily affirmations for a more positive productive mindset, strategies to find balance in your life so that you can focus on growing a side hustle without the fear of dealing with overwhelm and burnout.

 At this current moment, the course is only $23. However, after January 18th, 2020 the price of the course will be increasing. So act now, take action to increase your productivity.

This is only the beginning

There are so many truths that I could continue on forever. The thing is, these are some of the biggest for you to understand as you come into your own as a startup entrepreneur. Accepting these 10 ideas and thoughts will set you up for an easier path to achieve whatever success that you define for yourself. Each one in its own way is like a building block or a guide to get you started towards that first sale. 

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