Are you a side hustler who is consistently searching for what the most profitable side hustle to start is? Have you been stuck in the research phase of your business for over 6 months? Or maybe you have started your business but you are unsure what the best method for content creation is for a business to be most profitable.

 So, you spend time, all your energy, and open your wallet for every guru course you can find on how to create content. 

This amount of time spent on a few areas of your business will for sure keep your bank account at 0 and your dreams seeming ever distant. This is why perfectionism is a momentum killer when trying to build a business most profitable.

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First, I would like to share with you a story of how a gentleman lets his perfectionism become more important than his goals. 

I was speaking with a gentleman asking him for feedback on my website. He agreed to do so. As he is telling me about what he likes I proceed to ask him about his business. He says he doesn’t have one but looking to start something soon. With most side hustlers I speak to he mentioned how he is tired of the rat race and wants to stop making someone else money. 

Of Course! 

This is the dream of most but this motivation for starting a business can only carry so far. You need a real tangible why when growing a side hustle otherwise it won’t do jack. 

When he says he is tired of the rat race I ask him what is his business that he wants to start. He isn’t sure, but that isn’t the worst thing in the world as most people do take some time to figure it out. With that being said I am thinking this must be something new or very recent that he is wanting to take on. 

We further talk about how he spends his days at work daydreaming of being free and all the things he can accomplish by being his own boss. Very insightful powerful vision’s of spending time with his family and leaving a legacy behind for his kids to continue to be well taken care of and successful. 

All of this sounds perfect, right? In-line with probably what most wish to obtain with their side hustle. Well, here comes the problem. I finally ask him, how long how you been searching for a profitable side hustle and doing all this daydreaming? 

His answer…...a year….

I really couldn’t believe it. Someone who was so passionate about wanting to change things for his family has not taken any real action towards starting a business for a year. Once I saw this I had to dive further to understand.

The basis of it was twofold. He wanted the perfect business to start and he was afraid. The fear of starting a business I completely understand and get. Every new entrepreneur deals with this. I actually provide tips on how to overcome fear. Fear is a form of a limiting belief because you are doubting yourself in some aspect. 

Understand no business is perfect. I’m sure if you could look behind the curtain of Facebook, Apple, or Tesla, you would find many problems that they deal with at their levels.

If you are waiting a year to start a profitable side hustle, then in that time you have changed, the business landscape has changed, and people who may be your client base changes. 

This year was a valuable time frame that he will never get back. Imagine if he had just started his business and the experience he could gain, and how much further he would be towards his goal. 

Instead, he let fear and perfectionism prevent him from achieving the freedom that he seeks.

 In turn, this shows that starting a business is not important to you, and it shows that the life you feel is better for your family is not something that you should try to work for. Instead, it is more important for him to focus on the negative outcomes from the positivity that financial freedom can bring. 

A business most profitable won’t happen when watching on the sidelines of life.

Let’s move this story to a more advanced entrepreneur who is running their business. 

Running it….pretty well I might add. 

Currently, I am working with a client in my 1:1 coaching program. She by far is one of the hardest working solopreneurs that I know. 

Check her journey out. She owns a dog training business. Her services include walking dogs and training them for either behavioral issues or just become a better dog on the leash. 

For the last year beyond the services I mentioned she has pet sat, done her social media content, do her office work, and as well as onboard the consistent flow of new clients.…..herself…. I told you, hardest working solopreneur I know. 

What is even more amazing is her attention to her customers has garnered great referrals. Without much, well really any marketing, she has well earned her name as a great dog trainer. 

(If you want to read by the way how you can achieve these same talents. Read this blog.)

As you can tell, her business is really her baby. This brings us to the wall

With her success so far it of course is hard to let go of some of the reigns. What happens here is as entrepreneurs we become so accustomed to our situation that we feel the way things are done is the only way. Not true. For your business to be successful you must continue to innovate and be creative. 

This time in business has of course given her the confidence to achieve whatever she wants in her business. The problem comes in because when you are a perfectionist. You think how it is always done is the only way,  you feel nobody else can come in and do it like you. 

The facts, yeah nobody will handle your business as the owner. However, it is your place to teach people how they can work in your business to help you see that growth further. When a business, a most profitable business that is, hits a certain point, you will have to decide if you want to continue to go it alone, or scale and bring on some help.

By being a perfectionist and keeping things to yourself within your business makes you the bottleneck. Meaning everything comes through you. Also means, everything stops with you if you can’t go. 

The route of only trusting your perfect ways will lead to fast burnout and leaving your business floundering if not acted upon quickly. 

Now, we are currently working through this so that she can achieve her financial goals as well as free time for herself to grow a family. 

The point here is to show you two very different entrepreneurs in very different situations. You have one who hasn’t started with one who did start but battles perfectionism in a different way. I am sure if you yourself just start and don’t allow yourself to be the bottleneck that you can achieve the success that you seek. A business most profitable is only possible if you want it. 

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About The Author

Fabe Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur. When he is not working on one of the businesses, he is spending time with his wife of 15 years, playing video games with friends, and furthering his knowledge in the entrepreneurship space. The ultimate mission is to educate entrepreneurs to be leaders with their life, teams, and business industry in their realm.