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I want to cover today why the famous strategy laid out by all the gurus is dead, and what you should be doing instead to engage with your base. If you are focused on doing this strategy, it will hurt your business to become the most profitable. 

By now many of you may have heard of the $1.80 strategy to grow your social media following. 

What this boils down to is that everyone loves giving their two cents right? Well, the two cents means your opinions. If your divide $1.80 by 2 then that gives you .90. 

The point of it in social media terms is to go out and find 90 people a day and leave a heartfelt or nice thoughtful comment on their profile or the profile of some major influencer for everybody to see. 

When leaving a comment on the person's profile the goal is for the person to engage with you by either following, or engaging with your content in some meaningful way. 

This is all very well and good if you have the patience, time, and energy to sift through thousands of profiles to find your "ideal client profile." For the side hustler though, your time and energy are limited. So you can begin to see how this can hold you back from a business most profitable. 

That is the thing that makes this such a poor strategy for side hustlers trying to grow their business on social media. 

Here are some stories to tell you exactly why you shouldn't be doing this. 

I am apart of a few different coaching communities. Many I have become a part of because of joining courses. 

From my time in these groups, I have come to see a lot of things. I can tell you that since the world has gone on lockdown that many people have started growing coaching businesses of some sort while still working a 9-5. I myself included in that. 

In a lot of these groups, the $1.80 strategy is taught as a social media growth tip. The majority of the people in the group are in fact side hustlers themselves. I see posts all the time of people complaining about how they can't do the 90 comments a day. 

It doesn't stop there. You can clearly tell they are frustrated, overwhelmed, and burnout from the process. 

The complaints range from the following with the process:

  • Don't have time 
  • Spend hours looking for their ideal client 
  • After hours of searching may have only done 5-10 comments. 
  • Not getting the engagement they seek

You may be thinking the following after reading that: 

  •  Those people are just complainers. 
  • They don't know their ideal client 

Or you thinking this:

  • Yes! I feel like they do with this process! Help! 

Here's the main reason why I think this process is foolish for a side hustler. Your limited time and resources can be spent on other aspects of your business. Trying to do 90 comments a day is tough when you still have to produce other social media content, focus on other tasks within the business, and still have to balance life as a side hustler. 

Other issues I see now is the fact that EVERYBODY is aware of this growth hack and it actually has become a negative relationship builder.

 Brand new coaches that are hot off the coach’s press machine are using this on other coaches. 

Hell, I've done it to others not realizing it. Then I have spotted many jumping in my inbox the same way. So now you have become less authentic and more of the same. This is how it went when a coach jumped in my inbox.

Sends comment completing the look and design of my page. 

*I Thank him*

Makes mention of how we both are in Fl to build a common ground

*I state how cool that is*(At this point, I pick up where the conversation is going)

Then he asks me about my coaching business

*I give him some brief details about it*

He asks me about my goals

*I explain how many clients I want revenue, etc*(Thinking I know the next question coming the entire time)

Here it is - He asks me what my biggest challenge is reaching that goal

I knew this was coming from a mile away. These questions coupled with the $1.80 strategy are to get you to engage with your prospect. What this conversation base is called the “Heaven & Hell” scenario. When you speak with someone having to comment on a post you ask them questions to poke at the problem. 

First, you ask about their goals which gets them to see heaven scenario for their life. Then you ask them about what is preventing them from reaching that which points to the hell they may be going through. 

Poking at the hell is how you understand what your prospect is going through and how you may be able to solve it. Poke hard enough at the hell, and you can position yourself as the only answer to their solution because they may be so tired of dealing with the situation. 

I am not saying the process has its benefits to gather information. It just is so common now that people are numb to the effects. This approach doesn’t seem as genuine or authentic anymore thus people can smell the neediness penetrating their phone as they stare at the message. 

Back to the person who reached out to me in our conversation above. 

At that point, I lost interest in the conversation and ignored it. Call it what you want, but I had no intention of hiring him thus did not need to waste his time anymore. 

But, here is why I say this process isn’t authentic. If he really did care about my success, wouldn’t he reach back out to check on me? To see if I overcame my challenge? Guess not since I haven’t heard from him in months. 

On the occasion that I have done this method and started conversations with people, I would always follow back up over time. Just to see how they doing and be somewhat of an accountability partner. It did not take me too much time to actually care about people and see how they doing. 

Good relationships and collaborations have cultivated from this approach of continuing the conversation beyond just trying to hire them.  

As a side hustler, the last thing you want to be is inauthentic and overwhelmed with your side hustle task. 

In these coaching groups, I see people make fun of other coaches. They poke at people DMing them trying to provide "value" and they feel the person DMing them should actually hire them as a coach. 

Yeah, that's the last thing I want and I am sure you do too. I doubt as you are trying to grow your side hustle that you want to be on the other end of trying to help someone and they go making fun of you to their so-called coaching community. 

 The "experts" who taught these growth strategies now have people who do this for them. But yet they preach to you to work hard and put in the hours. 

Don't get me wrong, I am all about working hard. That is the joy of being a side hustler for me. It's that hustle. But I think as with anything there is a better way to go about it. If I am to help you try to become that profitable CEO you deserve to be, then we have to discuss the things you shouldn't waste your time on. 

What I find really sad is that people blindly follow the advice of these "expert" coaches instead of doing what is right for them. It's a shame that because people feel they can't do exactly what their more successful counterpart does that they instantly dub themselves a failure. Stop it! Your path of success is going to be unique to you. Commenting on 90 posts a day is not the only way to grow your socials. And because you can't use leverage like the "guru's" doesn't make you a failure. 

It only means that you still have to find a better way to implement growth strategies in your business. 

If you are hell-bent on doing this strategy then I highly suggest that you pick a number way less than 90. I won't offer any here but doing what you can comfortable is what is most important. 

What I'd rather see you do is spend time refining how you can attract your ideal clients more organically and systematically. Because if you implement a process for how people can work with you, you will find yourself with more time and increased revenue opportunities. 

How can you add systems in place for your business you ask?

The first item to figure out is how can people initially find out about your business. Will it be a blog, podcast, social media content. From there as you are educating and entertaining, where can you direct them to in order to further learn or work with you. Will it be a Facebook group, DM you, or sign up for your newsletter? Whatever choice you choose is fine. The path to you just has to have the least friction possible. That way, your not spending all your time in someones DM’s after commenting on a million other post. 

Of course, the choice is yours if you want to continue with the $1.80 method to grow your business. You will just end up being like every other coach who ends up annoying their prospect more than actually helping.  And having your prospect think you are like every other business out there is not how you can get a business most profitable. 

If you are looking for custom strategies to grow your business and attract customers with systems in place, then contact me so we can talk about your struggles. Let's work together inside my 1:1 Coaching program to build a business most profitable that allows you to maintain your energy, be focused, and turns your dreams into reality.

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