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The Complete Guide To Convince Clients To Hire You For Your Side Hustle

In this guide, I am going to tell you everything I know about consistently getting clients for your side hustle. 

I will explain all the key pieces as well as the methods to use to see regular returns for client attraction, getting hired, and client referrals. These strategies are the same ones that I have applied to see consistent growth. Starting with my first side hustle years ago. 

Putting your focus, as I did mine, in these areas will create a system for your side hustle that will get easier over time to consistently get hired. Whether you're just getting started with your side hustle or have been running one for some time, the lessons taught within the guide can be very useful to help you turn on the faucet of client flow and revenue. 

Best Side Hustle Ideas

One of the first items I wanted to cover with you is that this guide is not about which side hustles are the best to start. To be candid with you, the goal here isn’t only to educate you on how to consistently get clients, but for this blog to rank for a certain keyword. That keyword is side hustle. Why? Because when you currently Google the word side hustle the following articles populate at the time of writing this article:

I think you get the point here. The mark is being missed if you are looking for ways to turn a side hustle into a legit business and the majority of what you can find on the front page is side hustle ideas. 

This is no slight towards any side hustle idea articles. 

The point is that this type of choice overload causes some negative thought patterns. One of them being called the “Paradox of Choice.” Researcher and author, Barry Schwartz created the theory that many people suffer from when looking for a path among multiple choices. Schwartz theorized that too many choices limit one’s freedom. How can this be?

We will only apply this logic to your side hustle. When we have so many choices, it can become overwhelming. So overwhelming that you spend your time, energy, and focus searching the web for what the best side hustle ideas are, or looking for all these different strategies to grow a side hustle. With answers at our fingertips, it's easier to get lost on the information and stop any implementation. 

For example, I spoke with a gentleman not too long ago who spent an entire year waiting to even start a side hustle because he wanted to find the perfect one. When asked what the perfect one is, he couldn’t even explain what perfect was for him. Starting a business is hard enough, now add in all the choices and the stress levels can rise. 

This caused him to further put off his own goals as well as building a future of financial freedom for his family. Applying the “Paradox of Choice” theory to this case means that the choice to pick a side hustle, instead of starting one, is much harder than to continue “searching” for the best side hustle to start.

 The freedom from the stress of making a decision is the core of what prevents us from moving forwards towards the next step. 

Breakaway from the “best side hustle” cycle and develop a belief that if you work hard enough, anything you focus on can be achieved. Even if the side hustle isn’t chosen from a 2000+ word side hustle idea blog post. 

For you to get the most out of this guide, know that picking a side hustle from the best of list won’t matter as much on your success. What matters is creating good habits while using strategies that align with you for business growth. 

And a good place to start is learning how to get clients consistently.

Build Genuine Connections to convince clients to work with you

There are many blogs, books, articles, or any other type of publication written specifically around building connections with people. I highly suggest that you do a deeper dive into this topic behind the lessons throughout this article about building relationships. 

The point in this area here though will be to direct you with actionable steps to implement these strategies in your side hustle so that you can convince clients to work with you….consistently. 

Here are two mistakes that I see most online side hustlers make when trying to build relationships with their clients.

 First, they post their “value” inside Facebook groups hoping to generate interest in their business. This is very hard to turn into a consistent income-generating model. Most of the time, sharing content or promoting your offers are shunned in these groups. Then when they do open up a post to share content, you are regulated to a singular thread that is crowded with other people trying to shout their offers from the rooftop.

This is like being a guest speaker at an event and all the other guest speakers all speak at the same time as you. Very hard for you to be seen let alone heard. People are not going to be ambitious enough to scroll through a thread hoping to find a service that solves their problem. 

If people have a problem, they go around the blogs, websites, or specific forums looking for the answer. Not a 500 post thread full of “experts.” 

Since we are talking about social media, the other mistake people make when it comes to building relationships is only posting on social media. From posting on Facebook groups to even your own social channels the fact is that everybody whom you intend to see your content may not ever see it period. 

If the algorithm doesn’t favor your content then basically a small percent of your following would even see it.

 For example, let’s say you have a unique offer. You're selling some course, book, etc...right…  Let’s say you have 500 followers and only 1% of your followers happen to even see the post of what you are selling. That is only 5 people in your community who saw the post of what you are selling. 

Now yes, this is speaking to organic metrics. Of course, you can encourage to share, post comments, and get likes, but the point is, without even doing anything else only 5 people will naturally see the post organically. 

The reason that this is huge is that building relationships with potential clients is going to be very hard if they barely even see your content. 

Some other factors are, you have to consistently focus on putting out regular content on these social channels so that the algorithm favors you. At this point, your business content curation is more designed to defeat an algorithm and not to be “social” with your ideal clients. 

The social media algorithm gatekeepers can decide to change how content is pushed out to keep people addicted to their app. No matter how helpful or hurtful the consumption can be. What this does, is keeps you being their puppet within their world for you to be seen. People see less of you, and more of the hottest trends taking place.

At this point, you may be thinking, “OK Fabe, this is very anti-social media. So, what do I do instead to focus my business on building relationships with potential clients?”

Well, my dear friend, that is very simple. You want to bring people into your world.

 See you don’t control anything really when it comes to many avenues of building your brand on social networks. At any moment the rule-makers of social media can change the rules on you and it could disrupt your business in a major way. Like the iOS privacy updates that are getting the Facebook ad-makers all in a tizzy. 

The better you can attract people into your world naturally is the better client they will be. Methods that you can do this are- website, blogs, email newsletters. You can choose all of these ways, but I suggest you start with one. Become very good at one of these. Any of these people can come into the orbit of your business and become lifelong customers. 

As in, you initially build a relationship by having an attractive offer on your website or write a blog post that answers their question. Then, you could further that client journey into your newsletter where you connect with them further(without fighting ever-changing algorithms) and really become a leader to them within your niche. 

“Right, so I make a website, blog, or whatever and post to that, but then I have to become an SEO master to get people into my world!”

I get that, and SEO doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think, Jacob McMillen wrote an amazing blog about SEO here. Very simple to follow and implement the strategies. Plus, you're not going to depend on SEO work alone. People miss the boat a lot on this next idea, or they lack the want to when it comes to doing this strategy. 

So how will you get people to know your world and see you as a thought leader beyond what you write in your website copy, or blog post?


Put yourself where your audience is hanging out with other thought leaders within your niche. Go to podcast interviews, guest blog posts, or network with other leading entrepreneurs in your space. Being afraid to reach out to others will not help you get more clients. You have to do things you’ve never done to get results that you never have before. 

The past few months I have been working to position my business more in front of the eyes that I want to work with. From doing many interviews with best-selling authors, guest blog posts on top websites, among other network opportunities that have presented themselves. You just have to put yourself out there, anything can come from you taking action. 

Quick last note on daily email- embrace the power of daily email within your business and you can have daily revenue at the click of a button. And actually, at times you can do this in only a few minutes a day. Many people dream of a 4-hour workweek. You can accomplish that as well as become sought out as a go-to in your business by attracting clients to your business with email so that you can strengthen those relationships with your customers. 

Relationship building with your clients can be taken however big or small that you would like. I just want you to understand the concept here of crafting your world so that you can build relationships with clients. People buy from people that they know and trust. 

Now that you know the mistakes with relationship-building on social media, and what to do instead. I want to go into a level deeper in relationship building. This will further push the needle to convince clients to work with you.

Leaders understand how to convince clients to work with you

Being a side hustler really means that you are a business owner. I know I speak a lot about side hustling, but the fact is, you must look at yourself beyond just a side hustler if you want to take your business from 0 to 4,5, or 6 figures a month. As business owners, we must lead our clients out of whatever problem that it is they are suffering from. 

As in, if you help people lose weight, then what problem are you solving to achieve their goal. Do you really understand what they are dealing with? Do most of your clients have bad eating habits, or maybe they don’t have the right mindset when it comes to working out. Maybe they deal with both. 

Clients of yours who deal with bad eating habits might deal with feeling they don’t have time to cook. Eating bad may come from a lack of knowledge on what healthy foods they can consume. As you can see here, we found the problem, then worked to understand the problem on a deeper level. This is HUGE in relationship building for convincing clients to work with you consistently.  

Now combining the methods of attracting clients into your world with understanding your clients on a deeper level builds yourself as a leader or authority figure within your niche. Leaders always have something to say. Emailing your list daily improves this and keeps your offers in front of your ideal client. 

Back to our example of helping people lose weight. If you find that your clients don’t have a working knowledge of healthy foods they can consume, then you can create an ebook, course, newsletter, or any type of piece of content to educate them on. 

Many people are being educated on every 7 posts should be a sales post or create all these freebies with content that nurtures. The thing is, you will never quit your 9 to 5 being afraid to sell or tell people about your offers that directly solve their problem. 

As the leader, it is key to lead your clients to the potential solutions to whatever problems that they are going through and that your offers solve. It can’t be crap though. Make true genuine content that is in your voice speaking to your ideal client. 

Clients will be convinced to buy from you consistently when presented with something that gets them to the next level that they are looking for. It will actually make them appreciate the service you are offering because it is so aligned with helping them overcome. Aren’t you excited when you purchase something that you know is going to fix a nagging problem?

Now I am not saying you annoyingly make pitches to your clients every single day. There is a science to it. And if you're interested to learn how to pitch your offers to your clients in a daily email. It is something I do teach in my 1:1 program. 

Basically here, understand the problem, then communicate that you are the answer. People love to be understood and are drawn closer to those that understand directly what they are going through the most. You won’t have to do much convincing when incorporating this lesson into your business. 

A system of consistent sales

The biggest factor for any side hustler to turn their business into a legit full-time business is being able to convert clients into consistent sales. If you made it this far, I hope you are starting to understand the big picture here of how you can obtain consistent clients easily. 

Too many people are focused on where their next client will come from instead of focusing on building certain systems in place in order to keep clients floating into the orbit of their business. 

To start with building great systems in place is making your clients an intricate part of it. Meaning there are three parts to this method. 

First, people remember how you make them feel. What is the whoa factor that you can bring when people come in contact with you? This is how people will remember you and be connected with your business for a long time. For example, in my lawn business, I give gifts as surprises to all my customers. Nothing expensive, but a way to show my appreciation for them to continue doing business with us.  Now when they look at what we gave them every time in their house, we will stay top of mind. 

Being top of mind in your clients' eyes, gets your to access to more money. 

Second, the easiest people to get to buy from you again are people who already purchased your services or products. By coming up with new offers that solve the most pressing needs of your clients can keep your business alive during any economic events. Why? Because they already trust and enjoy your content.

Lastly, this may be the most important part of this system for consistent sales. Because your clients enjoy the feeling of getting results and trust you as a leader of your niche, they will have no problem telling others about the good that your business is doing and how it is helping them achieve whatever it is they desire. This will give you great content to share within “your world” to further convince clients to work with you. 

The last part of the system has your clients doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you as it provides those lurking to see what others have gained by working with you. 

For everything that was discussed in the post, I hope you understand that convincing clients to work with you so that you can take your side hustle into a full-time business is no quick feat. It takes hard work. Especially when you are talking about world-building within your business. However, apply the strategies with careful planning, implementation and determination, then I am sure that getting consistent clients will become easier than you think.

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