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Stop Wasting All Your Time Fighting Algorithms 

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With more and more businesses moving into an online-only world it has become even harder to stand out. One of the most common problems businesses have is maintaining consistent clients. Another challenge is trying to understand the latest trends, and algorithms so your content can be seen by your ideal client. This is not only time-consuming but drains you of your energy. 

To really gain consistent revenue is focusing on strategies that bring your ideal client closer to you. One of the best ways to do this is through email marketing. Through email there is no worrying about if the algorithms will like your content or not, it is a direct connection to your client base. Are you building relationships? Are you creating a simple automatic customer journey to bring them closer to your community? Do you have copywriting that positively impacts purchasing decisions on your offers?

Email marketing is a very accessible way to keep your business in front of real people that are encouraged to do business with you. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme and takes hard work to build an engaged community through email. However, when cultivated correctly, any time you build an offer that your list wants the profits will follow. 

If you are ready to stop posting on social media all day fighting algorithms and start building a network of customers that are engaged, ready to buy, and love to tell the world about you, hit the button below so we can connect. 

"Fabe increased my revenue by 50%!"

"Fabe has not only helped me find what truly makes me happy in my business, but he has helped me- work less, set boundaries, increased my revenue by 50%, helped me say no, helped me close doors, helped me see my value, and most importantly showed me how to say YES to what makes me happy."

Gina, Alpha Omega Dog Training, PA

3 simple Steps to engage your email list for consistent revenue

Empower Your Voice

The first goal is to share your offer that clearly explains your value that encourages the customer to join your email list.

Explaining through your voice who you serve and why will ensure that you attract the right people to your list.

I love helping entrepreneurs share their message that provides a positive impact to help others reach their goals.

Build Relationships

One of the major factors that will encourage customers to buy is building relationships with them.

People do business with people that they know and trust.

Our focus here will be on methods that provide value, create engagement and provide copywriting that focuses on them and their key pain points.

We want your Clients to know how you can help them achieve their goals.

Currently, it is hard to build a relationship with customers on social media if not even all of your audience can see your post.

Building relationships through email will add that personal touch to supporting your community.

Save Time While Increasing Your Revenue

Spending all your time trying to study, understand, and guess the social media algorithms keeps your focus away from the activities that bring in income.

Email marketing allows you to put your offers right in front of people who are familiar with you.

Plus, people who are on your list that already purchase your offers are already primed to be repeat customers.

This not only saves you time but increases the customer value by making them recurring buyers.

Longer You Wait To Build An Email List Is Another Day That The Algorithms Could Change Again [Request Copywriting]

Simple Steps After You Hire Me

Time Is the most valuable resource that we don’t get back. I prefer to work with people that don’t like to waste it.

Connect & Strategy

Email marketing starts with strategy. I first send you a questionnaire to better understand your business and its goals. This will tell me your target audience, and the competition. 

I will do a deep dive into your current email marketing strategy, what your competition is doing, and how your community is currently engaged with you. 

At this stage, we find out what your goals are for your email marketing. Is it creating an email welcome sequence, ongoing nurturing emails, or having an email newsletter? 

Plan Of Action

Once all research is complete we bring action into the equation. I will put together an email marketing strategy based on your email marketing focus and goals are.  

If you choose a welcome sequence, I will create a 5-7 email sequence that connects subscribers with your band. 

If you choose ongoing nurturing emails, I will create email sequences that build your authority as well as trust with your list so that you become the go-to business that solves their specific problems. 

If you choose an email newsletter, I will create a monthly newsletter that provides your subscribers with the content they want while mixing your offers they are primed to buy.

Email Newsletter Content Creation

For my hands-off email copywriting clients who want to hire me on a monthly basis to run their email marketing, the last step is to schedule monthly meetings to cover the goals for the email campaigns that month as well as updates on how current strategies are being optimized. 

The key to successful email marketing is to stay top of mind of your clients, which is why I recommend that most businesses hire me for at least one year for email campaigns, as it allows me to create regular emails that will build your brand to withstand any economic situation. 


Every post you publish on social media is a post that the majority of your community may not ever see. With my email copywriting services you don’t have to worry about your content not being seen or your offers getting lost in the latest algorithm change.  

I create custom emails specifically for your community that are used to drive attention to any blog posts, social media posts, and product or service offers. My email campaigns will generate a highly responsive relationship with your email list. 

"I started and stopped, started and stopped. I had given up on myself so many times."

"After 6-weeks of being in Fabe's program, I don't have the fear I once had, I don't have the overwhelm that I felt. I now have the tools I need to take my business to the next level."

Maria, The Intuitive Chair, YouTube

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