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In today’s blog post, this is a cautionary tale for one of the many bad habits that a side hustler cannot have in order to achieve business success. In meaning, a side hustle is something that you are only dedicating part of your time to because you have a 9-5 or other major business obligations somewhere else. 

This means that this potential trait is one that does not serve you well. If you are somebody who wants to learn further on how to delegate, why it is important to delegate, and what delegating and giving up some task in your business can do, then stick around. 

If you want to continue to be all and everything in your side hustle, spend time for a little bit of money, and have no energy for your side hustle, then you can stop reading here and go back to playing in your business alone. 

That is like being a kid that has all these toys. The toys accumulate into a little town of sorts with different people that have many different roles in their toy community. Well, instead of the kid allowing others on the playground to come in and help him bring this toy community to life by letting someone play the role of the parents going off to work to make a living, playing the role of the kids at school learning their lesson for the day or playing the role of the race car driver going around the track while everyone else watches in amazement of the car whipping around all the corners with ease. 

Point is, everybody can have their role in your side hustle. You can either go it alone because you want to control everything or be like the kid who has a thriving community and everybody is having fun enjoying their role.

The truth will set you free

I was working with my 1:1 coaching client some time back and we were going over some ideas and approaches to her business growth. She has been in business now for 3 years and decided this past year of 2020 was the year that she was finally going to be taking things to the next level. ( Even with the pandemic, she still had a pretty good year.) One of the first steps toward that was hiring me to aid her in the process. Admittingly by her own regard with all the things she was learning she still had things within her own mindset that she had to overcome to reach the next level. 

One of the things that I know and understand for business owners is that it is hard to let others into your business because you know that nobody will care about it as you do. This isn’t anything bad, just the facts of how we are as humans. The side hustle we own and run is our baby of sorts. We love and hate it at times, but nobody else better do it wrong! 

This fact above was very true for my client. She spoke about how in her business she did want other people to help her grow and relieve some of the tasks in her business so she can focus more on the ones she enjoys and brings her money. But the thing is, she said every time she went to search for someone she felt they weren’t good enough to be within her business. 

Now I get wanting to make sure someone aligns with the mission, vision, and goals of your business. That is key for business success. The thing is, are you looking for another person like you to run things? Are you having the proper expectations and ambitions for the person that you would like to bring on as a team member? If you looking for perfect, you’re going to have a long search in your side hustle. 

Then by her not trusting the person or deciding to put the effort in to develop someone who can fit the desired role she was looking for, she decided I will just do it all myself. Her words actually were, “I can’t trust anybody anyway, so I figured I could just do it myself.” 

Two things here. I appreciated her honesty of what the block really was as this allowed us to further work through the problem. Second, having a thought process of doing it all yourself will leave you playing in the playground of the side hustle alone trying to run a full community.


Having a do-it-all mentality is a promising way to welcome overwhelm, burnout, and procrastination to your doorstep. Why? Because you are having everything in the entire business run through you. From really simple office work that sucks up time but doesn’t add revenue, to the client work that is needed to increase revenue but you don’t have the energy to be fully there because you have all the other tasks that grab your attention. 

Side hustlers have to really focused move on intent work. We are trying to grow something with only a limited amount of time dedicated to it, so therefore it needs the most important task to be completed regularly to see the consistent growth. 

As for our client who “can do it all herself,” she found that controlling her business in that manner meant a few things:

  • Less time with her family 
  • Less time with her friends
  • No time for hobbies to enjoy
  • Long nights in the business with minimal returns
  • Missed opportunities with potential new clients from being drained to take them on
  • A stop on 10x her business growth 

The list actually could go on, these are just a few things that she personally mentioned that she loses out on by her being the bottleneck to do it all in her business.

Teams, processes, and systems - OH MY!

So, we have pointed out what she was doing that was sabotaging her business success. Let’s look at the winning formula we have worked out for this year and beyond in her business. 

Before we dive into that, I want to mention that overcoming trying to control every aspect of her business and trust others have been huge for her business growth. I definitely understand what other business owners may be thinking or feeling when you reach a point that you need other resources to run your operation. 

You care so much about the success or failure of your business that you can’t stand to possibly see it fail. To give someone that kind of power over your business can be overwhelming to deal with. 

Here is the thing, to reach financial freedom and true wealth, you have to use leverage. Leverage teams, employees, or anybody with whom you do business to grow and expand your operation is the secret of the wealthy. If you want more insight into how to use leverage, listen to my podcast episode that I discuss it in

Now, back to my client. So, what she has now implemented is somebody who handles her blog, newsletter, and social media posting. Just using these simple things to free up her time has created a ton of opportunity to focus on the important stuff to keep her business going as well as more free time to do what she loves. 

Here is the kicker too, she doesn’t pay this person fully to help her. She barters with her on other services to pay for what the lady does with her social media and web design. So, I ask you, can you be creative in getting help in your business growth?

See most people think in terms of money being the only way to do business with someone, but if you have something you can offer to aid, why not provide that. Create win-win situations for everybody.

The choice to succeed is yours

Bottom line- If you want to succeed it will take more than just yourself to do it. Stop thinking that you have to control everything in your business to see the results that you want. Also, more than you may believe, people want to help people. It is our human nature(for most, I know it may be hard to believe that now during these times.) to want to help other people.

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