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How to overcome overwhelm and burnout for your content creation in 2021.


Do this, and you will achieve a profitable side gig that provides you with effective ways to make money.

By Fabe Mitchell

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In a period where more and more cases of the virus are popping up, it seems to be looming again that we are headed for a shutdown. Since that is the case, it means more businesses, if they haven’t already, will be focusing more on an online content platform or offering. (Honestly, if you have not pivoted or plan to pivot some aspects of your business online, you are making a huge mistake.)

With the online space becoming more crowded by the minute it can seem like a mission impossible to have a business most profitable that stands out. Everybody online is shouting “look at me, look at my content.” So, when you sit at your computer or stare at your phone you may be feeling the pressure mounting to provide this “value” that everybody keeps saying that you need to do. 

Well, today we will be discussing the unforgettable, hard to get rid of, and wish-they’d-find something else to do twosome, of overwhelm and burnout around content creation. At the end of this, if you decide to add a weapon to your tool belt, you will be equipped with a resource that can help you with your entire 2021 content plan. How about that? Your entire 2021 content mapped out to be a business that is most profitable!

Together they are strong, broken down, you hold all the power for ways to make money on the side. 

When planning for anything that may seem daunting or a big commitment we must first break it down. This will achieve the highest results and ensure our completion of said task. So, for us to attack the twosome, we first attack overwhelm. Overwhelm comes into play around content creation because we may have so many creative ideas, feelings, and uncertainty on what may be best for our audience. Make sure when you are starting out with your content that you fully understand your niche and what struggles your tribe may be having. 

This provides clarity for you in what you want to communicate to your tribe and what solutions you have to their problems. You may feel that your audience has heard it all, but know that something you share or say in a certain way may resonate with different people. There are 7 learning styles. Trust me, everybody is not speaking to all 7 styles of learning on every content post. 

That is a true skill to master. The point I am getting at here is that in every niche, there are gaps with content creation. If you study to find it within your niche, your business will for sure be most profitable. 

To continue to battle being overwhelmed with your content, poll your tribe, and ask them questions constantly. People will tell you what they think, and people will appreciate you trying to help. I seriously can’t tell you how many people I apparently helped by just talking with them briefly. Really, it wasn’t talking, more like me asking a ton of questions and the person coming to the answer of their own cognitive thinking. 

I do that, not to try and make a sale into my 1:1 coaching program. I do it that way because most times, people do know the answer to their problems, they just need a little compass to show them the right direction. 

The last dagger that I would like to place to end overwhelm around content creation overall is that you must set proper expectations for yourself. One of the main problems that kick up overwhelm is because we are coached, if you will, to post content every day, 10 times a day, on every social platform. 

The fact is, the people who are telling you that, have a team that does it for them. So, on your journey, set an expectation for what you are comfortable with on a routine. If you can only post once a week, that is OK. Make that your most value-packed post every week, then promote the heck out of it until the next week that you make a post. 

I have spoken to many people recently that have got themselves overwhelmed from making content for their IG, IG stories, Reels, Tik Tok, FB posts, and any other social media you can think of. 

I get it, that is great what you are trying to accomplish, but you are really spreading yourself thin if this is how you are trying to get the message out about your business. 

Please, be true to yourself around content creation and what you can do. I will take myself for example. When I launched my podcast a few months ago, I did not have a website, and doing blog posts was far from my thoughts. Plus, I was posting to IG maybe 3 times a week, if that. 

Now, I post every day to IG, have my podcast episodes come to you every Tuesday with interviews every Thursday and I started making blog posts every week. The thing is, I grew into this. Once I felt comfortable with where an area was, I extended myself into another content creation platform. 

This is how you close that coffin on overwhelm with content creation to build a business most profitable.

One down, one to go to a side gig without fear

You see, I like to think of burnout as the annoying little brother of overwhelm. Overwhelm is like that big bully that is all in your face spouting out everything that you need to do in 24 hours, and you hear burnout in the background going “Yeah, when are you going to do it?” “Oh, that’s right, you're not going to do anything because you don’t feel like it!” and “You’ve been posting every day for a month straight on every platform for minimal results, yeah you're tired of it!”

Very annoying when they try to gang up on you like that. Thing is, burnout is now alone in this fight with you to create your content for 2021

How do we start to smack burnout around? Well, with clear expectations set, this is where you can use your nifty new superpower. That is the 2021 Marketing Calendar. 

You see with this calendar, you can set up all your content inside it so that you have clarity around what you will post, where you will post it, and when you will post it. This can help give yourself the space needed so that you don’t get burnt out from the demand of providing content for your tribe routinely. 

Burnout is a very simple foe to defeat once you end overwhelm. Why? Because overwhelm and burnout is so closely related that from the effort to get clarity around your content and working what is right for you with a tool that can map out all your plans, confidence becomes your new best friend.

What’s Inside the calendar?

Well, I am glad you ask! One of the first things that made me fall in love with this calendar was that the second you opened it, it shows you the 4 steps to utilize the calendar.

This factor immediately takes away the overwhelm of such a powerful tool. This calendar is very interactive in the sense that it has an Instructions tab and a Tab for your Annual Planner. On top of that, it breaks it down even further by giving you tabs for every month of next year to fill out. These sections are found at the bottom of the calendar when you first open it.

See the below image for a peek inside what the annual planner looks like. You can plan out each quarter of the year. As you can see as well, it has themes in place for each month with a highlight of specific days that are celebrated. Thus, making it very easy to have your content be on a specific theme that takes your customers on a journey.

This next part is where it gets real! When you click on the month tab as pictured below. You can schedule your post for whatever days you intend on posting. This does not only mean for social platforms such as IG or Facebook. You can plan out your blog post, newsletters, or even articles that you want to do. For the newsletters- you can even plan out the CTA(Call to Action) for your tribe so that you continue taking them on the journey through your business and building relationships. Plus on top of that, you can add multimedia links to the newsletter section as well.

This free 2021 Content Marketing Calendar can be a game-changer for your business to be the most profitable in 2021.

 I talk a lot about building relationships with your customers to have a business most profitable in 2021. With something as detailed as this, you can have a clear path to take your customers on a journey that is fun, yet educational with your content. Which will make you stand out in the ever-growing online marketplace. Finding ways to stand out will ensure you have many ways to make money on the side.

Download the free 2021 Content Marketing Calendar here

To your planning success, 


P.S. If you would like me to do a video tutorial to show how I am using this in my business, please let me know. Shoot me a DM on Instagram @self_educated_entrepreneur

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