Self Mastery starts with this one simple focus

Fabe Mitchell

Overcoming the barriers to self-mastery in order to have a profitable side hustle isn’t going to be found by watching some IG Reel, or lurking in a Facebook group looking for the “best side hustle” to start. It is really simple to achieve self-mastery when you apply a certain focus on the biggest barrier.

Simple of an idea that all your social media experts would rather talk about hacks, tricks, and get rich schemes than educating you on overcoming this simple barrier to self-mastery.  If you are somebody who believes that building a side hustle is deeper than focusing on how many likes, IG Reel views, and followers you have then this blog(as well as my other blog content) is exactly for you. 

As your Leader of the Self Educated Entrepreneurs, my mission is to help side hustlers overcome the barriers to self-mastery. I am still working to overcome this simple barrier. I am in no way an “expert.”

 What it boils down to is that since putting my focus on this barrier positive outcomes have not been too far behind. 

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The barrier to self-mastery is YOU

That’s right, the super simple thing blocking you from all the success you want is yourself. This is coming from a place of personal experience and looking at the landscape of people looking to build side hustles more and more. Let’s look at this a little deeper as to why you(me too) are the barrier to our own success. 

In the current times we are in we see everybody putting on their best face or best business face in front of everybody. Yeah, you have seen the post before, they go something like this:

“Just landed my 10th Client in 3 hours! That’s $10,000 in my pocket today!” 

Your initial reaction is to post a fake congrats. Your actual thought? “What the heck are they doing,” or “how were they able to get that much when they just started?” As well as other thoughts enter your mind that begins to make you feel like a failure and how you may never overcome the barriers to success. 

Oh, I feel you here. Because I have been there as well when it comes to this. We spend too much time looking outward, instead of inward when it comes to why we aren’t where we want to be. That’s why I said the answer to this is simple. The process of working out the answer is the challenge.  Social media can be a good place to get ideas on building a side hustle, it just shouldn’t be the only place that you are looking to become a better business owner. For one, the fact that these social media apps are built to make you addicted to them rather than having you put your attention in a better place. 

Thus, when you think you are on there to get “value” you end up getting distracted by someone virtue signaling the latest hot topic. Yeah, been there and fell down that rabbit hole.  

More on how social media takes you away from focusing on YOU:

As a side hustler, your focus isn’t in the right place if all you want to do is have your business go viral by following the latest trends. Here is one big problem that I see. So many coaches, consultants, and experts speak about being you, to stand out from the crowd. Yet, they educate you on posting a video a certain way, use music that is trending, and follow whatever the algorithm has decided is hot for that week. 

Can you see what this does? 

This shifts your focus from building relationships(which builds your business) and more to do whatever it takes to please the social media Gods. At that point, you're not focused on yourself or your business. And that barrier to success just gets even harder, as well as confusing because you were promised to be rich if you posted this content exactly how they told you.  
Beyond blocking yourself with the addictive ways of social media, let’s discuss in general how you are the barrier to your own success while trying to build a side hustle with a 9-5.

Self-awareness is the first key to self-mastery success

When I first started my coaching business I was not very self-aware. From seeing posts about making $5K in your first month, to how you can post “value” every day and clients will come knocking you down, it gave me the wrong picture about this line of work. This was very different from my lawn business and required a different set of skills.  I thought these “gurus” had the magic pill to success and their course, book, or newsletter was the answer to all my problems. 

While much of what I bought and consumed when launching my coaching business was good, it wasn’t until recently that the answer to all my problems in building this business was me. It had nothing to do with feeling defeated by not having a string of clients, nothing to do with feeling that my content wasn’t good enough, and nothing to do with where I posted my content. 

My initial blocks were from not taking things one step at a time, I did things like wasting thousands of dollars on paid social media ads. From October of 2020 to around January of 2021 I ran Facebook ads. I hired someone to do it. Can you guess how many clients it landed me? 


How many clients did I get by me putting out focused attention and effort towards helping people when I could, 2. Even knowing this fact back then, I still decided to run ads when my message wasn’t clear. I was way more focused on getting clients(being needy) than I was building a business. 

At the same time, I made this same mistake in my lawn business. To the tune of $3K down the hole in marketing. My gut even told me that this was a bad decision, and I still spent it anyway, so not taking it a step at a time and coming from a place of neediness will block your path to self-mastery. 

The next thing that was going on was that I wasn’t organized. Not organized in the sense that you may be thinking. I didn’t have a clear path for people to do business with me. I would switch my CTA all the time. It would be one week, go to my newsletter, next week go to my website, next week join my FB Group, then by my course, and lastly give me a call. Actually no, it would end with going back to my newsletter. 

People need consistency and I wasn’t providing that as best as I could. If I don’t know how to clearly communicate how people can interact with me then they will have no desire to. So now I really only have one CTA and that is my daily email newsletter. From there, once you join that, you will get further access to in-depth content, as well as the potential to work with me directly. But, it all starts between my blog and podcast.  It really is all about creating a customer journey that is educational, and fun for both parties. 

Another block that I was not aware of at the time was outsourcing (a very popular topic in these times). For a period of time I was paying a family member to do the $1.80 strategy for me on IG. I’d say it worked, however, it did not equal money in my pocket. While growing a following was nice, it did not account for me doing what businesses actually do, and that is serving people. If I wasn’t blocking my own success, maybe I could have found something better for her to do that put me on a closer track to working with clients than building follower metrics. 

The last thing that I would like to mention that was a barrier to success was trying to follow different productivity hacks. There are so many blogs, books, and IG “Value” content that tries to direct you on the best ways to remain productive every day. The fact is, it’s all BS. I had to find a process that creates the content the way that I enjoy doing it, posting it as much as it aligns with my schedule, and ultimately building the coaching business that is fun for me to do

Be in the moment for self-mastery success

For all my deep, big picture thinkers out there, I hope that you are able to use my experience as a learning lesson on how important YOU are to your success. My focus towards self-mastery is the only way that I can now sit back and bring awareness to what was holding me back. At this moment for me, I am not mad, sad, or anything. It was all a learning lesson along this journey. Going through it is how I can try to help someone else from avoiding the same pitfalls. 

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About The Author

Fabe Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur. When he is not working on one of the businesses, he is playing video games with friends and furthering his knowledge in the entrepreneurship space. The ultimate mission is to educate entrepreneurs to be leaders with their life, teams, and business industry in their realm.

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