As an overwhelmed entrepreneur, learn how to get your family pleased you are spending less time with them, and more time on your side hustle.

Fabe Mitchell

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Not having family support is a huge burden and turns a side hustler into an overwhelmed entrepreneur.  The lack of support from your family can come from a multitude of reasons. The purpose of this post is to cover what that common reason is.

The reason I speak of may piss you off. Or it may finally open your mind and cause you to begin to accept some accountability.

The top reason that you may not have support from your family is you.

Yup, it falls right on your shoulders. (As all things do being a business owner.)

And what is it about you that is causing such pain, stress, and overwhelm? Your mindset.

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Here are some examples of a horrible mindset to have when dealing with your family and business.

“It sometimes feels like I don’t spend as much time on coaching as I want to, I get antsy and bored spending “forced” time with family.”

This is a direct quote from someone after I asked a group of people what their challenges were trying to grow their business with a 9-5. (This person is a life coach and could not see at the time exactly what was wrong with this mindset.)

This was only part of what they said but felt it was most important to highlight based on their thinking around what the problem was. He initially talked about consistency and how his family didn’t “understand” his business. 

Unless your family is an entrepreneur themselves, they likely won’t understand all the details of starting a business. To work towards not being an overwhelmed entrepreneur it is your duty to bring clarity to all the inner workings of your side hustle. People doubt what they don’t know and unfortunately might lack the confidence in you to do it because you aren’t sharing with them the “how” of it all. 

In our example above, our “coach” decided to be bored with “forced” family time instead of appreciating the time he does have. Better yet, instead of being frustrated by it, he can take the opportunity to better understand his family's concerns first about him starting a business, then laying out the framework for how he is going to achieve a successful business.

Why would this type of conversation be important?

Because then they may see how much thought, time, and effort he has put into making this a reality. And he could have a deeper bond with his family by putting in the effort to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Once there is an understanding of the business, the family can then discuss a plan on exactly how time will be spent. For example, days he will work on the business and the days or times that will be dedicated to family. Keeping these lines of communication open will keep him from being an overwhelmed entrepreneur and move him towards not only being a leader in his business but leading his family to a bigger legacy as well.

Hopefully, from this first example, you can see how your own mindset plays a huge part in gaining support from those closest to you.

I’d like to share another story about seeking the support of your family for your side hustle to avoid being an overwhelmed entrepreneur.

When I first started my coaching business I was talking with a guy who said he had no time to work on his business. (Basically, it was his biggest hurdle.)

As he explained it, the issue was that he only had an hour a day to work on his side hustle. He was living with his girlfriend and they only had one office. Inside this office, they both worked from home, and he would try to do his side hustle. They both worked at the same time pretty much so when they weren’t working, they agreed to an hour a day of him working on his side hustle. 

Two thoughts come with this.

  • If he had an issue with the hour timeframe from the start, why didn’t he voice this and state what he needed to feel supported in this endeavor? (He told me he didn’t like the time frame, he just did it to make his girl happy.)
  • The next thought is, why are you focusing so much on what you don’t have, and focus more on what you do have. Which is making that hour the best possible hour that you can make for your side hustle. Since he is upset he only gets an hour, he is pouring energy on that one aspect. Instead of going ok, I get an hour every day. So, what can I do during this hour period to keep my business moving?

The bottom line here: If an agreement was made on when, & how long you will be working on your side hustle, then it is up to you to speak up about any issues with that plan. They do not understand why you need more time, or even what you're doing with the hour. An hour may seem enough to them. So, it is on you(the leader) to communicate how things can be better for the business and the family by having more support.

Again, you are the business owner, and if you want to lead your family to financial freedom, you have to stay in consistent clear communication on how you can get them there.


These situations are not lost on me as well. When I first started my business I heard a lot of negative talk from those closest to me. Like most that hear the bad talk, it was very surprising. I was looking for kind words and support, and I was met with, “You Will Fail,” and “I just can’t see you running a business.”

The thing is, they thought they would fail, and couldn’t see themselves running a business. Over time as I walked this entrepreneurship path, those same people began seeking advice from me on how they can start a business. In fact, some even approached me for partnerships after having such negative words about my plan. (Funny how life goes that way sometimes.)

Final Thought.

In the end, your mindset will shape how the situations play out when looking for support for your side hustle from your family. If you approach it negatively, then expect their response to be so. Yet, if you have an open mind(like a leader should) and come from a place of trying to understand them, then you can begin to communicate how you can address their concerns as well as getting your needs met for your side hustle.

And the last fact is that change is hard. People are afraid of it. Just keep your head up, create your side hustle plan, and do what you feel is best for you. 

All of this is a part of the path to self-mastery. Which if you don’t know is a huge factor in having success with your business. A business is a mirror of the owner. And if you want to take your side hustle to a legit full-time business, then having your mindset, skills, and effort mastered is the key fact to that.

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Fabe Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur. When he is not working on one of the businesses, he is playing video games with friends and furthering his knowledge in the entrepreneurship space. The ultimate mission is to educate entrepreneurs to be leaders with their life, teams, and business industry in their realm.