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Want to quit your job and start a business? Learn this secret so you can quit today

“I want to quit my job Fabe.” 

Exactly what someone close to me said as we were standing in my kitchen. “I can’t bring myself to do what they are asking me to do to keep my job.” 

I completely understood this. As their job had sent them home early for the day with this thick packet of “mistakes” that they made. The company was claiming these were reasons their job was at stake. 

While they leaned bent over the counter, visibly upset, hurt, and ready to take on the world I asked, “what do you plan to do if you're going to quit today?” 

I thought, I knew the answer to this question but was excited to hear them say it. “I am going to take my business full-time.” I am jumping up and down in my head but they continue, “they want me to write this letter giving them reasons why they should allow me to keep my job based on all these issues they have documented.” 

They breathed deeply, and I could tell writing the letter that their job wanted would really pain them. As I thought that, they explained why. “I don’t want to write this letter because it’s not all true. All the mistakes they mention, some of the actions they said I did, it did not happen that way but the manager doesn’t believe me. I tried talking to them before they sent me home and I wasn’t given the opportunity to explain anything.” 

Their words vs. yours type of situation.

 One that is all too common at most 9-5s(and people wonder why employees want to quit their jobs in the first place). 

After hearing some of the false tales it made a lot of sense why writing that letter would feel like such a betrayal. Like an attack against yourself for what you believe in and what you stand for. 

Here are some tales they told:

They explained that one day while they were heading on their break they were pulling their keys out of the drawer. As they lifted them they slipped out of their hands and landed hard on the desk. This is a quiet office setting so you can imagine the noise and shock that it gave everybody. While it was an accident, it was not perceived that way. It was told to her manager that she was slamming things around. When trying to refute the claims, her manager didn’t want to hear it. 

Another situation involved her cell phone. While the person who sat across from her was her direct supervisor she stayed talking on her personal phone more than anybody. She was handling family situations, husband talks, and even trying to buy a house all the while sitting at her desk. Yet, she told the manager that our friend of the story was always on the phone. When they tried to refute the claims, her manager didn’t want to hear it. 

The last straw was when it was told by others that our friend had an attitude problem. In fact, people claimed it so much that the V.P of the company met with our friend. The V.P said at the time that they had to talk with them himself because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing about them. He said they are the nicest, most caring person in the office. He even knew some personal stuff our friend was dealing with at the time. Yet lies continued to spread that they had an attitude. When they tried to address it with their manager, the manager stated, “well it’s what people perceive is going on so that means it’s true.” 

Wow, how is that for leadership? 

So again, the manager didn’t want to hear it. 

So, that night, in the kitchen instead of writing the letter the company wanted(you know begging on bended knee) they sent an email advising they will no longer work for the company. 

There was a lot of fall-out from that email. I go into detail a lot(including who it was) inside my Self Educated Entrepreneur Community.  

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The Secret so you can quit your job today

I share that story as a way to bring more awareness to the b.s that still takes place at most companies. I wouldn't be doing my job as your productivity coach if I didn't speak some truth.

The fact is that there are so many people who are starting to take control of their lives and focus on what makes them happy. The pandemic combined with boredom forced people to slow down and think. As well as show the true nature of some of these companies(with the help of social media of course). 

This movement is only being led by people switching their mindset around one thing. And that one thing is need

You see, many people want:

  • To quit their job
  • Live financially free
  • Start a business they love

But many:

A want isn’t tied to anything substantial that gives you the motivation to overcome the challenges of actually wanting to quit your job. Let’s explore a little deeper about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how they apply to give you the proper focus, inspiration, and empowerment to quit your job right now. 

Extrinsic motivation is what is holding you back from quitting your job

Extrinsic motivation is the motivation that comes from external sources outside of ourselves. 

For example, when we partake in activities like sports, we do it for an external reward. This can be a championship, power, or money. While those rewards feel good, they may not be such a driving force that will keep us motivated on whatever our ultimate goal is. 

Now, you may be reading this blog because you have a genuine interest in quitting your job. Your surface-level thinking may be that you want to quit because you want financial freedom, time freedom, or you're tired of listening to your boss complain to you all day. 

The point is, that none of these potential motivations have been strong enough for you to actually do it. 

Financial freedom is about the most basic answer that people provide when asked why they want to quit their job and start a business. The reason being is that you haven’t tied the focus, determination, and effort to make that kind of money to an internal need. Like the need to take care of a loved one, the need to leave behind a legacy for the generations that follow you, the need to provide an exceptional life(as best you can) for your spouse and kids. 

This is why I speak a lot about self-mastery for our lives. When you work to discover what you want, why you want it, then create that need for it, the path to achieving it becomes so clear.

Self-mastery exploration forces you to ask yourself how much you want to make, why you want to make that - how will I get the money - and when will I start?

Turning a want into a need to finally quit your job(Intrinsic Motivation)

This right here is where you can turn everything that you desire into a possibility. And here’s how.

Let’s say one of the reasons that you want to quit your job is because you no longer feel fulfilled. The task, the people, and overall feel of the place drain you on a day-to-day basis instead of providing you with the peace you once enjoyed. 

The only rewards that are attached to it are your paycheck, meeting deadlines, and a fake pat on the back from the boss when you did a job well. But at this stage in your life, you want something deeper. Something that not only you enjoy, but provides support to other people. 

This is where intrinsic motivation comes in. This level of motivation serves us on our deep psychological levels of need as humans. 

To continue our example, you find yourself enjoying reading and writing. You enjoy learning new skills around self-mastery and personal development. This brings you a deep internal reward because you find so much joy out of learning how you can become a better person. 

In fact:

  • You understand this so deeply that when you become better, it can help those around you(close in your circle) become better people as well. 
  • You have that deep passion to learn, but the process to achieve all of the knowledge doesn’t stop you. 
  • You understand that doing research on personal development books is a process for personal development improvement.
  • You understand that actually setting aside time to read these books more than veg out on Netflix is a part of the process of personal development improvement. 
  • You understand that implementing the strategies you learn from these books is a part of the process of personal development improvement. 

The point is, that every aspect of the journey to achieve this internal motivation never stops you. It ultimately gets you closer to your internal reward every day. 

This goes for you quitting your job. If you want to start a business, then figure out your intrinsic motivation as to why. Maybe you have a sick loved one that you need to help more financially. Having this internal reward to see your family in a better place can help you wake up early when you don’t want to. It will give you the focus to get off social media and figure out what the next best thing is to keep moving your business forward.

Quite simply, it can change that want to quit your strength, into a need that no force can stop you from reaching. 

In conclusion,

It doesn’t matter if it is quitting your job, losing weight, or buying that new car you want. We as people do not have importance to our goals, mission, and ambition that is deep enough. We are sometimes surface-level people who are afraid to get real with ourselves and go deep. 

By doing that, you find out what you want, don’t want, and save yourself a lot of damn time on tasks that won’t help you in the long run. 

Use this secret(turning a want into a need) to finally tell your boss, “I quit.” 

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About The Author

Fabe Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur. When he is not working on one of the businesses, he is playing video games with friends and furthering his knowledge in the entrepreneurship space. The ultimate mission is to educate entrepreneurs to be leaders with their life, teams, and business industry in their realm.