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Top 3 limiting beliefs holding you back from side gig success. Read this to overcome blocks that are stopping the ways for you to make money.

Fabe Mitchell

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What is a limiting belief? 

Self-limiting beliefs are assumptions or perceptions that you have about yourself and about the way that the world works. These assumptions are self-limiting because in some way they are holding you back from achieving what you're capable of. 

To me, each and every single one of us has some sort of special gift, some sort of ability inside of us that we all know is there but there is something that is holding us back. The following limiting beliefs are on our minds daily. 

 Pretty much 95% of the day our brain fills with doubt. Acknowledge these beliefs and begin working through them to achieve the level of success that you define for your side gig. This is not a one day process and they are gone. It is a continuous duty to yourself to overcome. Overcome these so that you can find all the ways that you can make money on the side.

These are the top 3 limiting beliefs holding you back from side gig success:

1. Fear of Judgement

2. Lack of time

3. A disability or sickness is holding you back

PEOPLE JUDGING YOU IS THEIR OWN SELF DOUBT BEING PORTRAYED(Their self-doubt should not stop you from wanting to achieve your side gig success)

The first limiting belief that I would like to cover is that you will be judged. You know this world with Instagram, Facebook, and all these social platforms it's very easy to think that when you put stuff out there that people will say something about my haircut, someone's going to say something about the clothes that I have on, or someone's going to say something about my weight. I can say these are things that I definitely suffered with. 

 With that being said, here is the mindset shift,  don't think about the people judging you. Your content value is not based on your haircut,  your clothes, or maybe the way your voice sounds.  It’s about the message that you have to put out in your business.  What is your message? Are you running an online mentorship and you want to help people succeed and reach their dreams or reach their personal goals? 

Whether it be in business or just in life. What's more important than thinking about the judgment that people are going to have towards you is for you to share your message.

 Oftentimes, if people are saying something to you in regards to what you should, or shouldn’t do. That is their own limiting belief about themselves. The mere fact that you want to go out and help others with your business gives you an amazing superpower compared to the limiting believer. 

If everybody held their businesses back from standing out in the crowd. We all would have missed out on great products and services. Not saying you need to be the next Nike or Apple. Apply your focus to helping get others' results. With the mindset shift from others' judgment to getting results, people will recognize this. Success is not too far off when you get your Clients the results they desire.


AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR ALL OF THAT(But you do have time for your side gig)

 The harsh truth is, you make time for what's important to you. This is very much a real limiting belief because if you feel you don’t have time for something. You won’t. The shift for your mindset here is to start finding time for investing in yourself.  Investing in yourself can be one of the most financially beneficial things that you can do for yourself.  What's something that you can give up? How about scrolling through Facebook in the morning for the first hour of your day? Can you give up scrolling through Instagram or any social media for that matter? 

55% of Americans wake up and check their email within the first hour of the day.  Instead for the first part of your day make it your mission to work on your business and your goals too.

When you make time for yourself those small little things that you're doing day in and day out to move along your business. Plus, move Along on your entrepreneurship Journey those things will pay off. You just have to see it through. You make time for what's important.   

Do you know that the secret of the wealthy is Leverage? 

They use the time to gain more money - Struggling business owners will spend time to save money while successful business owners will spend money to save time. 

They do this in order to focus on the high impactful task in their business.  

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A disability or sickness does not have to stop you from your side gig success

The third mindset limiting belief that I want to share with you is definitely very personal to me. A year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was over 400 pounds running a lawn business. To this day I honestly can't tell you how the heck I was doing it.  How was out there cutting grass over 400 pounds. It was rough, very very rough. Back to the story-I landed in the hospital from being overweight due to very bad eating habits and not working out. Very bluntly I was not taking care of myself.

When I go to the hospital I am just rocked by finding out my condition. I always felt like nothing's going to happen to me, I'm healthy enough. What a true reality check this was. The limiting belief that I had from this was when the doctors were telling me about diabetes. I very soon realized everything that is changing in my life as far as my eating habits, checking my sugar, making sure I'm eating the proper foods. On top of that, exercise regularly.

 With this realization of the changes, I literally thought that all my businesses were over. Then after being released from the hospital,  I was afraid of food! Can you believe this? I'm over 400 lb and now literally afraid of food. This shook my confidence when I got diagnosed with this. My confidence was extremely shaken. I was this “Big bad Fabe and nothing can happen to me.”  Yet here I am in the hospital with over 800 sugars and couldn’t eat for a whole week. I had to overcome this limiting belief that I actually could still function. I actually still could go out to run my business. I didn't just have to sit in the house afraid that any and everything that I did my sugar would shoot up. My thoughts would be that I would end right back in the hospital. 

Thankfully though, with my wife and my personal trainer, I was able to lose a hundred pounds within this past year.

Now I have three businesses up and running. I say all that to say, even if you find out that you have some sort of disease you can adjust your life. You can still progress on your entrepreneurship journey. You do not have to be afraid.  You have a support system. This includes even me.  I'm here to support you all the way. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need help overcoming something that may have changed in your life for health reasons.  

In conclusion, there are more common limiting beliefs that someone trying to build a side gig may have to overcome in order to achieve success. The main point is to never stop learning and continue to push yourself past any of these blocks. You deserve to be successful. Anybody can turn their dreams into a reality.  

P.S. If you would like to further connect, you can shoot me a DM on Instagram @Self_Educated_Entrepreneur

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