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What is Productivity coaching?

Productivity coaching is helping business owners create the most aligned, efficient path possible for them to achieve the most favorable results possible. In fact, productivity coaching will bring work-life balance into a natural optimized state.

Every day you have multiple decisions to make when it comes to taking action in your business. In fact, you have so many that you don’t know where to start. Your to-do list is as long as your kid’s Christmas list(which always comes before you know it).

Thus when you have all these tasks to do with no direction on where to start--it leads to procrastination, overwhelm, and guilt--because we know we aren’t putting our best foot forward. 

Quite simply, productivity coaching can help you take the first step. A good productivity coach can bring clarity to the chaos that is building a business. Your business is more than an entity in a legal sense.

Your business is your world. A world that is created specifically to-- help people transform, create a major impact, and ultimately give you the life that you have dreamt of. 

The frameworks for marketing, client onboarding, administration, and generating consistent profits are all a part of the wheel that keeps your world moving. 

And a productivity coach can help you ensure that each area maintains efficiency without adding more stress to your plate. In fact, your productivity coach can help you walk an aligned path in your business. 

 In this post, you will find out -- what is a productivity coach, what is productivity coaching, do you need a productivity coach, the benefits of productivity coaching, how much does productivity coaching cost, and an explanation of some of my productivity coaching services.  

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What is a productivity coach?

One of the first things that come to mind when talking about a productivity coach is time management. While helping you optimize your 24 hours as best as possible is the goal, it goes so much deeper than that.

A productivity coach will help you find out what obstacles are keeping you from reaching your goals beyond time management. 

 A productivity coach will help you do this with as little amount of stress, overwhelm, and procrastination as possible. 

So if a productivity coach is focused SOLEY on the speed of your results RUN! They may not be genuine with their information and are looking to offer you some quick solution and not actually addressing the productivity problem. 

Investigating all areas of why productivity in your business is lacking is the only way as a productivity coach we can give you the proper cure. Take for example a Dr. You may go visit your Dr because your knees are bothering you.

They will poke the knee, bend the knee, and then twist it slightly. All to understand what’s going on and why. 

For example, sometimes what comes up in the awareness is you may believe you have issues with managing your time. Except that is a surface-level pain. Something is going on deeper to cause this problem.

What is productivity coaching?

Productivity coaching is the process of clarifying your vision, remove any unnecessary tasks, and increase productivity in your business for the results that you desire. Here is a story to explain further exactly what this looks like. 

One of the first clients inside my coaching program was a dog trainer. When we first started working together she had a few challenges.

For starters, she had a client who owed her $900. And this rate was increasing every week because she was still walking their dogs for free. 

She was managing her business from various different apps as well as a notebook that she carried around with her. In fact, she would track her miles in a notebook, keep her invoices in one app, and log all her expenses in another. 

In total, to do a lot of her backend functions took her hours to manage. Then throw on top of it clients coming to her with questions. A lot of questions to be exact. A

And questions that weren’t yes or no, but involved deep explanations to help them overcome their problem. 

At this point, she was about done with her business. After walking dogs all day, trying to invoice for it, and answer client questions at the wee hours of the night, she just couldn’t take it anymore. 

We connected initially because we had a mutual friend. Once she described all of this going on in her business it was very easy for me to articulate how I could help her.

One of the first things we did was found out what she wanted her business and life to look like. Then crafting the rest of it to guide towards that vision. 

To reach these goals we took the first step of getting rid of none paying clients. Because she was losing more money than she realized.

Not only were the clients not paying her, but she couldn’t take on any work in that time slot, thus losing the opportunity to grow. 

Mindset was another challenge for her as well. When we would discuss raising pricing she would often resist. Saying things like, “I know I have to pay my dues.” Or, “Nobody is going to pay my prices.”

Thoughts that are pretty common among business owners of any experience level.

As I said before, when it comes to time management, the problem is on a deeper level. And her having this be her belief system kept her from making the initial moves that she needed to make(not poor time management).  

Well, how did she overcome this belief system? I shared with her how worth it, she is-- that just because she doesn’t have the experience level of her peers doesn’t mean she needs to work for a few or be treated second hand by clients.

Plus, as long as she allowed people to take advantage of her, they would. Lastly, comparing herself to everybody wouldn’t equal any type of positive outcome for her.

Everybody has their own journey. I helped her see, she only had to focus on getting herself better every day.  

Next, we consolidated her planning apps, invoicing, mileage tracking, among other things all into one central app. This made tracking her jobs easier and started to run the backend of her business seamlessly.

The truth of the matter is that if we did not focus on her mindset and outlining a productive path then the chaos would have continued.  

Once this portion of her business was in order, it was very simple to implement organic marketing strategies to attract her ideal clients.

Over the course of 6 months, she raised her prices, attracted ideal clients, and reached her goal of increasing profits in her business by 50%. 

Don't just take my words for it, see what my client has to say for herself.

Do I need a Productivity coach?

If you have an open mind, aren’t afraid to invest in yourself, and have a belief system to never stop learning, then the simple answer is yes. 

However, a simple yes won’t do the trick here. 

First, let’s look at the big picture of business as a whole here. Think about it, in your business you have to market, finance, and keep clients happy(as best as possible) to have your business going in a forward direction. 

With the various functions of each, a productivity coach can help you find clarity around your marketing efforts. Maybe you have cash flow problems in your business and don’t fully understand why you can’t keep the money.

Through a productivity coach, they can help you tighten up efficiencies so that your business isn’t leaking money like a truck leaks oil. 

And even keep your clients happy is something a productivity coach can help with. Finding efficient ways to build the relationship with your clients is a must to sustain any business.

So, by combining effective marketing and building an email list, a productivity coach can help you save time and make more money. 

13 Benefits of Productivity coaching

  • Getting Started. Like a fire, you have to find the right resources for it to light. A productivity coach can bring the heat to get the fire going. 
  • Help you enjoy the process. It's a process to remove your old mentality and grow a new one - our mindset is like a plant - when you plant a new one it takes time to grow, it's fragile so it needs more attention from us. A productivity coach will help you focus on the process and not on the results so that you don’t end up frustrated but enjoying every step.  
  • Consistency is key. By working with your productivity coach you will not have to worry again about missing deadlines, forgetting tasks, or not even knowing what to do next. Your productivity coach can help you craft a clear vision that outlines step-by-step what you need to do at each intersection of your business. 
  • Learn to identify problems and how to solve them. This is an important skill for any entrepreneur or you wouldn’t be in business long. The problem is that people cannot see within what the problems are. A productivity coach can provide a framework to break down your problems, and how you can identify them. 
  • Keeping a work-life balance. This is one of my favorite areas to teach. Many people think they can’t have everything they desire. Except you can. Learn to set the proper expectation that aligns with your vision so that everything stays aligned on this journey and you don’t feel unbalanced. 
  • Overcome stress, frustration, overwhelm, and burnout. Everything can have a plan in place. With a clear vision and proper planning, nothing can deter you from staying consistent. 
  • Getting organized. With all the plates that are spinning in a business, you can find balance in the plates or remove unnecessary plates from the situation. 
  • Crafting a vision. This is a huge benefit because without vision this stops most in their tracks. By knowing what you want every aspect of your business and life to look like you will build a confident mindset. Thus removing limiting beliefs because you know your vision is possible through that plan. 
  • Prioritize needed information. It is very easy to become distracted in such an information age. At the click of a button, you can research just about anything you want. This causes most to be consumed by the information and frozen. With your productivity coach, you can focus on the information you need to make your vision a reality. 
  • Clear communication. When you have your vision in place you can then communicate to friends, family, and clients exactly how your business operates. This keeps productivity in business effective. 
  • Huge efforts. When everything becomes clear to you after working with your productivity coach, you can begin the process of taking massive action. Lacking motivation really won’t be an issue for you. 
  • Overcome the fear of leaving your job. This becomes a hindrance because you haven’t actually thought out how you’re going to make this transition. A productivity coach will help you produce a plan to make this happen. 
  • Save time while making more money. Through productivity coaching, you will find the right people to put your efforts into attracting ideal clients. Sometimes we do things just to do them and this is not beneficial to running a business you enjoy. Productivity in business is about being effective with everything you do to have the best results possible. And trust me, not having horrible clients will save you time, energy, and LOTS of money. 

How much does it cost to hire a productivity coach?

Productivity coaching prices vary heavily. So don’t hold my feet to the fire on the details I will explain here. 

The majority of what I find online says that the price for this service has a range between $350-$1000 per month with weekly meetings. 

If hiring a productivity coach for an hourly rate, then it could range between $75-200 per hour. You may find though that plenty of productivity coaches want you to commit to a long-term plan. 

Wrapping it up

Hopefully, you have a clear picture of all the aspects involved with productivity coaching. Efficiency, effectiveness, and consistent effort are the makeup of having success with a productivity coach.

A productivity coach will help you trim down the fat and provide a direct focus on your exact goals. And finally, what is really awesome about it, is the fact that everything from a productivity coach has a personal touch. So you don’t have to create systems that don’t align with you.

About my coaching services

As a productivity coach, I help serviced-based side hustlers bring clarity to the chaos in order to take their side hustle into a legit full-time business. And I do this by teaching my VICE methodology to help you achieve self-mastery. 

My 1:1 private coaching is for service-based business owners who are looking to take their business to the next level.  And of course do so without risking family, and other important life ambitions. 

 Inside this program, you get private 1:1 help from me. Plus via slack, you can reach me at any time so I am there for your most pressing needs.  And there are weekly meetings that will be saved inside a mobile app for you to go back and watch at any time. 

I also have a membership program. Inside the membership, you get 30+ hours of business-building content. And you are also around a like-minded community of side hustlers who want to accomplish the same things. 

If you have read this entire post through then you have insight into how my program works. 

Thus, the next steps are to decide exactly what you will do to increase productivity in your business. 

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About The Author

Fabe Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur. When he is not working on one of the businesses, he is playing video games with friends and furthering his knowledge in the entrepreneurship space. The ultimate mission is to educate entrepreneurs to be leaders with their life, teams, and business industry in their realm.